You want to please me?

You want to be what I want you to be?

Let your pleasure be the centerpiece of your speech; let mine be the centerpiece of our action.

Tell me what you want, yes. You want to feel my cock drag across your tongue, slowly? To press against your lips? To press your cheeks out? To fill your mouth? Tell me that.

You want to swirl your tongue around the head of my cock? To plunge your mouth down to the base? To wrap your lips around me? Tell me that.

You want to feel my tongue on your clit? To feel me tease you, to promise the warmth and wetness of my mouth on your cunt with my hot breath on your thighs? With my fingers spreading those thighs? Pressing into you? With my beard scratching the inside of those thighs? Tell me that.

You want me to spank you? To caress you? To finger you? To scare you? To tickle you? To pinch you? Tell me that.

You want my cock in your pussy? To feel it plunging deep, then pulling out, then plunging back in? To feel the emptiness of your pussy for a moment when I slide out, and then to be full once more as I push back in? To feel the walls of your pussy squeeze around me, to feel the tip of my cock press into you, deep? To feel our hips grind against one another as I pull your ass toward me? Tell me that.

You want me to use you? To take the pleasure from you that I want?

Don’t say no, no matter what. Tell me that you won’t.

I won’t hurt you. I won’t do anything you don’t want, won’t make you do anything you don’t want.

But don’t say no, no matter what.

When I pull your head toward me when we kiss, your head should develop momentum of its own, and should allow itself to be pressed into me. When I push your head down, same thing: there should be no resistance; only compliance. Your body should be like a responsive steering wheel in an expensive sports car: the gentlest nudge should cause you to be where I want you to be; the firmest push should meet with no resistance.

I want to feel your submission in my bones, to know, to know, that what you want – more than anything – is my pleasure, is for me to have what I want. THAT alone is what you want. Tell me that. Ask me to use you. Command me to use you.

Dress as I wish.

Move as I wish.

Do as I wish.

Subordinate your desire to mine.

Have no fears: I’ll get you off. Oh, yes – I’ll get you off.


  1. Mmmmm I may need to change my panties to dry ones Sir. I would love to please you and have the pleasure of you getting me off.

  2. Reading this, imagining this, being steered by you is so erotic and enticing I’m dripping…your pleasure and desire is all I want because it will be mine too.

  3. Heh you’re certainly coming through on that last promise already…love how you talk about “using” here 🙂 🙂

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