Writing hotness

A loyal, and articulate, reader wrote me the other day that she likes reading my generically hot posts, and posts about sex and sexuality, but not those that recount specific encounters, because they make her feel unwelcomedly voyeuristic.

Others have told me they don’t like such specific tales because they make them jealous, or envious.

And still others have told me those are their favorite posts. Certainly, several such posts – such as this tale about my bathroom blowjob from the historian, for example – are among the all time most popular posts on this blog.

I, for one, understand most empathetically the position informed by envy/jealousy. As I’ve written before, the only erotica that gets me hard is erotica that I can imagine describing something in which I am participating. So if you write erotica, and it’s not either about sex with me, or plausibly could be about sex with me, then I’m just not going to be that interested.

I love it when I get my readers wet, or hard. What of what I’ve written, specifically, gets YOU hot? What turns you off here?

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