Dear Hope

Dear Hope:

Here is where I need to improve, to make you want to give yourself to me once more:

I need to communicate – before we meet – what your pretty face and body do to me. I need to make you feel, in your belly, in your chest, in your cunt, the pleasure that comes from knowing that thinking of you, looking at you, (thinking about) taking from you makes my cock first twitch, then ache, then throb. Then, need.

I need to communicate when we meet precisely what I want to do with (to) you, how I want to use you.

I need to communicate as we engage what you must do for me. Where to put your knees, your breasts, your lips, your tongue. I need to drive your head on my cock – with my hands, with my words. I need to tell you how, what, I’m feeling as I smother my cock in the warmth and wetness of your mouth. I need to tell you how much I want from you, how I want to feel the friction of your mouth on my cock as I guide your head back and forth, as I push my cock deep into your mouth, pull it out, push it in, pull it out.

I need to make you know how powerful you make me feel, how you make me feel I can do anything.

To tell you how much I want to fill your mouth with my cum. As a reward. A reward for me, for using you properly. As a reward for you, for being such a good girl for me.

If I do these things, it’s my hope that you will, again, be my Hope. And, soon.



Note to the reader: Hope’s face is pretty. In a girl-next-door, middle-American-white-girl kind of way. She looks different every time I see her. I’m not sure why. The last time I saw her, her face looked like the porn star, Kennedy Leigh’s.

Hope is prettier, of course.

And her body is pretty spectacular. She’s athletic, muscular, strong. There’s no fat anywhere on her, but she’s not small. I called her thighs “hefty,” recently. The word isn’t fair. What they are is full. Meaty. Powerful. Strong. She could suffocate me while I lick her clit just by squeezing them tight and not letting go.

Her orgasms are hard-fought, she told me. I think a better term is hard-won.

And I want to win me some more.

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