The importance of mouths

I was recently reviewing some videos on AmateurAllure – a web site I sometimes subscribe to, and sometimes don’t. What I like about it is the relentless, laser focus on cock-sucking. What I don’t like so much is the completely formulaic content, and the relative absence of tease. Or really, the complete absence of pretense that there’s any connection between the cock’s owner and the lovely woman who’s about to suck it, and ultimately, fuck it. If a woman’s going to suck my cock, she better want to suck it. On this web site, while they do seem to establish that the women on it like to suck cock (or want to be seen to like sucking cock), what they spend zero time doing is establishing that the women on it want to suck the cock that’s before them.

But enough about the web site. I’ve written about it before, so I won’t say much more than that, other than that, watching videos on it recently, I found myself thinking about the women who appear on it – and about how they affect me, and my cock – in two ways. First, with respect to their smiles; and second, with respect to their cock-sucking styles. This post is about smiles.

There are are different kinds of smiles, of course. Hungry smiles, shy smiles, happy smiles, sad smiles, and so many more. One video I saw reminded me of an interesting, if ultimately disappointing, book I read recently. This book, called How to Become a Scandal (by Laura Kipnis), contains accounts of four big scandals from the past – what’s become called the “Monica Lewinsky scandal,” which really has little to do with her and everything to do with the man whose cock she sucked; the Sol Wachtler/Joy Silverman scandal (in which the former chief judge of New York stalked a former lover of his); the Lisa Nowak scandal (in which a former space shuttle astronaut plotted to kidnap the current girlfriend of an ex-boyfriend of hers; and the James Frey/Million Little Pieces scandal (in which an author’s purported autobiography turned out to be fiction).

I say the book was disappointing to me because, in the end, I found it had too little that was interesting to say about the scandals, and delighted too much simply in their retelling. The last one of these – the James Frey scandal – is to me the most interesting of the scandals because, on its face, it seems as if it shouldn’t really be a scandal. Dude wrote a great novel, and told people it was non-fiction. Remember “War of the Worlds“? His main offense wasn’t so much writing a novel and claiming it was non-fiction; it was that he embarrassed Oprah Winfrey.

TrippI’m meandering… The thing in the book that most stuck with me was the author’s discussion of Linda Tripp. Linda Tripp, as older readers may recall, was the woman in whom Monica Lewinsky foolishly confided about her affair with the president. Tripp surreptitiously recorded Monica’s confessions/boasts, and they ultimately led to Lewinsky’s becoming a scandal – or at least, the personification of one. People who remember the scandal may barely recall Tripp’s role in the drama, but, almost universally, they remember one thing about her: her twisted, hideous facial expression. I don’t mean to be cruel here: Tripp deserves all sorts of criticism, but not for her appearance. And yet, her appearance – and her mouth, her facial expression, in particular – is, ineluctably, what people remember about her. We remember John Goodman portraying her on SNL.

Kipnis helped me understand just what was so… repulsive… about Tripp’s facial expressions, and it is the fact that her upper lip was eternally raised in a manner that communicated disgust. And the disgust she was expressing – disgust in President Clinton’s shameless use of a younger woman – was disgust that, because of her appearance, largely bounced back at her.

Anyway – I’ve been struck, ever since I read the book, with how sensitive I am to what I imagine to be the emotional content of people’s smiles. Is a smile a smile of happiness? Friendliness? Warmth? Or does something less benign lurk beneath it?

On AmateurAllure, much of what the web site features is beautiful women smiling – smiling about the fact that they’re about to suck cock, smiling while they suck cock, and smiling after sucking cock (often, with a mouthful of cum). My (cock’s) response to a woman, I’m seeing, has far more to do with what I imagine she’s thinking and feeling than with how she looks.

A few examples:

Kandace: her smile frequently – even mostly – pulls into an expression of… disgust? Dislike? Pain? I’m not sure. But it makes me uncomfortable. It feels to me as if she doesn’t want to be doing what she’s doing. Can you see what I’m describing? It makes me want to take my hand off my cock and fast forward to another performer.

Kandace Kandace fuck Kandace cum

Remy: she’s kinda the opposite. Her face looks – hungry, happy, maybe just a little bit proud. Her smile, her mouth, has completely the opposite effect on me. It makes me want to move mountains to figure out how to get to know her, and, failing that, to come, as soon as possible.

remy1 remy3 remy2

Dallas: She presents a different set of questions. The look on her face is, to me, sad. Now – sad can be hot. If you’re sad because my cock’s not in your mouth – that’s a hot kind of sad. V often displayed this face to me. There was little hotter in the universe. But in this instance, I imagine that Dallas is sad not because my cock isn’t in her mouth, but because someone’s cock is about to be in her mouth. And that? That’s not hot to me.

dallas1 dallas2 dallas3

(The pictures don’t convey my point regarding Dallas nearly so well as the video does. You’re gonna have to take my word for it.)

Elsa: Finally, Elsa: She’s so fucking happy. I just love this look, this look of sheer joy. I don’t know if she’s acting or not, and, honestly, I don’t care. She successfully communicates the sense that she can’t fucking wait. And, once the cock is in her mouth, that she’s in her happy place. Me too.

elsa1 elsa2 elsa3

I think that, honestly, this is a huge part of what makes porn performers successful or unsuccessful. At least, at making my cock hard.

It’s also hugely important for me, not surprisingly, in real life. What I find attractive about a woman is almost always, first, her mouth. On Tinder, when I initiate contact with a woman, it’s generally by finding something nice to say about her based on her profile, and, honestly, 90% of the time, what I’m drawn to is her mouth.

Anyway – just some thoughts.


  1. I was just having this discussion about what makes a good erotic Tumblr post and I am drawn to the women who are obviously having a good time. Smiling or even laughing.

  2. I sense the same things as you in the pictures you showed here. Disgust, sadness… that doesn’t seem hot to me either. Which I find interesting, because reading erotica, I can read accounts of women in impossible pain, put to shame, debased even… and still be turned on. I guess I react more strongly to images of real people than to the ones in my mind!

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