Some weeks ago, I wrote about my insanely hot night with Jen and Mara at Le Trapeze. Well, this is hot – it’s Mara’s Part 1 of the evening, corresponding with this post. I can only hope that we get a Part 2 from her, corresponding to my Part 2.

Remember – her first language is Hebrew. I’ve tried to clean up what she wrote enough to make it not just readable, but hot, in a way that’s enhanced by the accent you can imagine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (When do you get to read the word “orgazem”? And I don’t know what “the couple got their relish” means, so I left it for you. If you know, or, Mara, if you want to explain it, I’m all ears.) She promised me I get to spank her for each spelling or punctuation error in what she sent. There aren’t so very many in what I’m posting here, but rest assured, she’s gonna have one red ass the next time she’s in the States.

Oh yeah – and if you want to hear what she sounds like, you can hear her orgazem here. Remember?


This is what I remember from my night with Jen and Nick at LaTrapeze. (I had the time of my life. This is my side of the story.)

I met Jen under some wonderful life circumstances, this gorgeous sexy girl has energy I have never seen or felt before. She is super attractive, looking fresh and radiant. She has perky breasts, fair skin, long wavy light hair, a bright big smile and sparkling eyes. As corny as it may sound I think she has a ‘princes’ feel to her, but with all that I could still tell that she is naughty behind that innocent face. When I first had my eyes on her she was laying completely naked against a longjohn fabric chair, arms crossed over her body, her hair was braided. She seemed comfortable in her own skin, relaxed. Both of her nipples are pierced, ever-ready for action. so yes, I am very attracted to her 🙂 I have heard about her sex adventures with Nick and set my mind on joining them somehow, someday. my wish had come true sooner than I expected.

I have a pair of blue eyes and a lot of blond hair on my head, it’s a cliche, but it works for me ;). That night I was wearing a mini black lace dress (it’s actually an undergarment… but I love that look of being all covered up in a seethru thing… those oxymorons of life). I had black pantyhose on and a rusty coloured T shirt as a top, paired with leopard print flats. It was pretty funny getting dressed when I knew I don’t really need any clothes on…. I got into a typical NYC yellow cab (that alone excites me every time…i AM a tourist in this city after all). I was so nervous.

Walking into the bar my heart was beating so much I could barely hear my own thoughts. Jen was running late and I was about to explode. What the hell are you doing? I asked myself. What troubles did you got yourself into this time? But then I got nick’s text: “hey. I’ll be there in 5. Jeans and black Spiderman t-shirt, shaved head, beard, earrings” I can’t even tell way (I call it ‘the spiderman effect’ !?) but in a second my nervous feelings were translated into excitement and enthusiasm. I felt how lucky I am. My intuition told me I am in good hands. I was right.

Nick found me sitting at the edge of the bar. Just like the description in the text message I saw a shaved head man with earrings, and a smile that went really good with the beard. He was casually looking, but with a dark twist. He looked younger than what I expected, he is sturdy. I felt he have confidence, his eyes were screening me, approving me, I felt he can teach me about myself. my thoughts were running in fast forward… I was about to copulate with him later, and just knowing it’s an option made my vulva all moist and alert. He was so nice, doing the right move of starting by complimenting me and leading the way. We set down in a quieter spot and we got some drinks. I had a vodka and soda and Nick got seltzer. He said he was already drinking, and I didn’t knew what to think about that. We start chatting. I asked about the blog, about the club, about his life, about asking questions. We were sitting on the same side of the sofa but kept distance. I wasn’t sure how to go about this interaction, but before I made any moves our third party walked in all with all her joy and glory. Jen took over our attention, looking good with her hair open and a long white lace skirt. Bringing light into the room. Jen and Nick kissed on the lips, It made me feel good about the whole thing, it was sweet. Jen set across from us, I didn’t look but I could imagine their legs touching, their bodies changing energy, happy to meet again. Jen ordered herself a girly drink from the cocktail menu, the conversation was interesting. Time went by, we were talking as if we meet all the times for drinks, but my mind was already in the club, with Nick’s dick and in Jen’s pussy, all I wanted was to be in physical touch with them both. We stood up to leave, excitement was in the air. Heading outside throw the revolving door we decided to fit all 3 of us together in one section. Nick grabbed both of our asses, it was funny and fantastic. I felt safe, happy and Horny!

Getting into La Trapeze, my curiosity skyrised. At first look the place seemed empty, a big sitting area with tables and chairs is to the left side, accompanied by a small bar with vintage looking drinking containers, filled with colorful juices. a big open lunge space to the right. We dropped the sparkling wine bottle that we brought with us.

“Let’s start like we did last time” Jen suggested… at this point I was at their mercy, ready for anything. I followed them to the hallway ahead. A naked couple was resting on a sofa to the right. Jen and Nick have met them at Le Trapeze before, they said something about regrouping later. the 3 of us, still in our clothes, got into the a private room. A simple design, a dim light set the atmosphere and there were mattresses across the floor. It was nothing special, but very functional and we didn’t need much more at this point.

We got a comfortable position on the mattress and we just started making out, mixing our energies, getting hot and heavy… Nick was laying on his back as Jen and I kissed above him, it wasn’t the first time I kissed her but this time it felt different – we had Nick as an audience watching us all the time. I found that to be a really big turn on. In my life I have a performative aspect, but it was the first time for me to experience it in a sexual context and it was thrilling! I don’t recall all the different steps of our action afterwards, I felt my body temperature was rising as we kept exploring one another. Jen partly undressed Nick and went down on him as I kissed him. Nick’s lips were demanding, I pushed further, I was hungry for this kind of action. It was such a sensation to see Jen swallowing his cock like that, only inches away from me. Afterwards we switched places as I went down on Nick. To me, the element of control in that position is empowering. Giving oral sex makes my pussy sooooooo wet. In a way it’s the ultimate foreplay, closing my lips around his cock I have to fight my urge to just climb on top and “get some of that inside of me NOW”….

Suddenly the couple we saw sitting outside at the sofa walked into the room. They were both naked, the male had an Asian look, he was muscular and puffed. The girl had a pair of glasses on, sleek mid length brown hair and a really big nice set of tits. The combination of them was funny – an athlete with a voluptuous geek. I couldn’t tell if they are couple for sexual experiences or if they are lovers and partners during “real life” as well. They were complaining we still have most of our clothes on 😉 we started undressing more vigorously as Jen complimented me on my pantyhose. I don’t know how I got that idea but I asked her if she wants to put them on, she said yes and I got the pleasure of slowly dressing her up in them. She was standing against the wall and spread her leg forward while I was at her feet, it was definitely a sexy little scene.

We all somehow got involved… Jen and Nick started messing around with the girl as I found myself interacting with the guy. The man was really stubborn and he know exactly what he wanted, luckily it was me. I was on a roll, sucking on his dick thoroughly, all that time I knew he had a good view on the action across the room. I heard some sucking and licking voices, I felt I was missing the show but on the same time the physical sensation took over and I couldn’t get enough of how smooth his body felt and how wet and excited I was. He pulled me up to him, in order to penetrate me, my first instinct was to refuse, I even didn’t knew his name! You could say I got cold feet for a brief moment, I turned to see Nick and Jen response and all I got is a lovely image of Jen in between the girl’s legs, eating her out. I got the courage I needed, living in the moment and not thinking any more. The guy put on a condom on and laid back as I crawled forward to get on top of him. That first time he penetrated me, that moment I am sitting down taking in his dick, nothing can beat that moment. We fucked as I was riding on him, being on top I get to have that combination of feeling ‘full’ with a dick inside of me and I can rub my clit against his body. Our movement got more and more intense, and at one point I had an orgazem. I felt a hot wave rush in my body, I couldn’t tell if he noticed, but I felt my vagina was getting tighter around his penis. It felt so good, I’m pretty sure I just mumbled ‘fuck’ between moans. He turned me over to a doggy style pose. I wanted to see what was happening in front of me, but his dick was banging so hard inside of me I had to lean over to focus on that feeling. I know I was loud, that’s the pose that gets me whining every time 🙂 He climaxed and came inside of me, afterwards it felt like everyone around the room got quiet, I was catching my breath and my stream of thoughts. The couple got their relish and got up to leave with a friendly goodbye. Not a second went by and the guy came back into the room, he had left behind his baseball cap, the only piece of closing he had on. it was located behind the mattress, at the same spot we just had sex. In my mind I thought “what if that hat could talk?” I kept that thought to myself but I was laughing out loud. Actually, that whole night was filled with giggles and smiles. I couldn’t help it. I was so happy to be there.

Still in the private room I had one more thing to do, or to be exact- a wish to fulfill. I wanted to lick Jen’s pussy. I have never went down on a girl before and it’s been a dream of mine for a while. Jen was my perfect “first”. her pussy has a sweet shape and her pubic hair has a natural order that frames her vulva esthetically. I liked her ‘flavor’, I did my very best licking her hungrily, trying to feel her body and flow her reactions. Nick was watching us over and then joined us with his cock in Jen’s mouth. Jen boosted my confidence as she complimented me on my moves. She was ready to be penetrated, set down on Nick’s dick and got properly banged 🙂 I got some “free live porn” from those two amazing people, I meant to watch them closely and touch myself when Nick told me to sit on his face. He was eating me out so well, so enthusiastically, I was actually impressed by his multitasking, keeping both of us content. That’s a good man!

We needed a break and there was a whole club to explore, we gathered our stuff to move on. I told Nick I was sorry he wasn’t the first one who got to penetrate me first that night, it has crossed my mind that this was completely impolite since we got there together. Nick and Jen were laughing at me, as Nick promised to set the record straight by the rest of the night….

We headed to the lockers area that wasn’t something special, I was wondering if anyone who come to Le Trapeze ever have sex over at that corner. All our belongings was stored and we got some towels to walk around in. Jen and Nick took me to a little tour of the place, pointing different features and characters around us. Sitting together at the sofa back in the front we took a little ‘time out’. The towels barely covering us, we were chatting about life experiences and the sleazy decor the club has. I had my hand on Nick’s cock, caressing it. Jen stands up to reach the dance pole in front of us. she is gorgeous! Both of her tits are pierced with metal studs, her body is creamy and slick. She was teasing both me and Nick, holding the pole in one hand and standing with both feet together on the ground she was flipping her ass to the left and gliding down her body towards the floor. It was a simple move, but must be one of the sexiest things I ever seen in my life.


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