A night at Le Trapeze (part 2)

This is a continuation of the evening begun here, and continued here. The 5- or 6-couple room right outside the locker room was closed. Porn was on the TV in the little lounge. We passed through it and looked at the big party room. There were a couple of couples in there, lounging, no one fucking just yet.

Up the spiral stairs, to the darker regions of the club, and fucking was happening. Two couples were in the dark room straight ahead of us, and two more, in the less dark room to our left. All looked hot, all were going at it fast and furious. We continued down the hall and I greeted a couple I had seen before, the Asian guy and his hot, bespectacled wife or girlfriend. This was the third or fourth time we’d met. (I mentioned them briefly here and here.) “What’s that?” Jen asked, pointing at one of the two red pieces of fucking furniture toward the back, upstairs.

“It’s fucking furniture,” I said. “Want to try it?”

“Lick me,” she said. She reclined on the “chair,” and spread her legs as I bent over her.

She told me she had waxed her pussy the day before, but she still had plenty of hair (as I like her). It was need, trimmed, short, reddish blonde. She tasted sweet, clean, and I was happy as I got my first taste of her. It was only a moment later when I felt a hand on my cock, from behind. Who was it? I thought it was likely the bespectacled chick (I need a name for her, I know). I kept going, not certain, but not caring too much either. Whoever it was had a nice touch. After a bit, I reached around behind me and cupped her ass, felt her belly, and drifted up to her tits. Yup, I thought. That’s her. My hand drifted back down and I tickled her clit for a few moments as I continued to lick Jen’s clit. The Asian guy’s hand was on Jen’s belly, drifting down toward her pussy, and I stood up, letting him have full access and turning toward the bespectacled chick. We kissed, briefly. (Kissing is a funny thing in swinger’s clubs – some people love it; some can’t stand it. She seemed to tolerate it.)

I pulled her toward me by her ass, and fingered her some more. “Shall we move into a room?” asked the Asian guy. This space was tight, and we couldn’t all four fit there. “Sure,” I said. Jen stood. “You ok?” I asked, quietly. She nodded. And smiled.

We moved into the adjacent room. The bespectacled chick lay between me and the Asian guy. I don’t remember who proposed it, but in no time, Jen was between the other woman’s legs. “I haven’t done this since I was nineteen!” she effused.

As she licked and slurped, she reached over and grabbed the cocks on either side of her. My cock in her left hand, the Asian guy’s in her right, she kept going.

From the door, a man said, in a (Greek?) accent, “Is there room in there for us?” I looked up and saw him, a fit, hirsute guy in his late 50s, and two women, each in their 30s – a buxom brunette and a possibly enhanced, extremely tan blonde. Both women were hot, each in her own way. I looked at the other three, took their temperature quickly and said, “Sure – come on in.”

The man stood by the doorway, while the two women kneeled before him, sucking his (quite big) cock together. The blonde positioned her ass over my cock, as Jen continued stroking it. I reached for a condom, and put it on. I slapped the blonde’s ass a couple of times with it, she felt my cock to check that it was covered, and she lowered herself on me, reverse cowboy, the Greek guy’s cock still in her mouth.

I grabbed her hips and bucked up into her, fucking, hard. She moaned, and her moans increased the harder I fucked. If I slowed down, she seemed almost to lose interest, but as long as I kept up the pace, she seemed happy. This continued for some time. (I can’t speak to what was happening to my left in this time – forgive me, but I was distracted.) The Greek guy said, at one point, “May I fuck her?” nodding toward Jen. I misunderstood. “I’m not going anywhere,” I said, as the blonde continued to ride me.

“No,” he said. “May I fuck her?”

I looked at Jen, and at him. “I don’t know,” I said. “Ask her?”

There is this thing at Le Trapeze – I don’t know if it happens elsewhere – but men seem to sort of presume that women are chattel. I don’t quite get it. Anyway, he looked at her. “May I?” he asked.

“No thanks,” she said.

And with that, he took his two women and left.

“No worries,” I thought. “I’m ready for some more time with Jen.”

Somewhere in there, the Asian guy and his wife/girlfriend had moved on. It was just Jen and me in the room, and I was happy to spend some more time eating her out, having her suck my cock, just kissing and debriefing.

We checked in the party room, and continued up toward the front, by the bar. We had drinks (she had fruit punch, I had lemonade). We encountered Jay and his date. Jay, I wrote about a bit here. Said hi, non-committally. Moved on.

We sat for a few on a couch and watched a frat boy sitting across from us be alternately fellated by two hot women. There were three couples rotating around the couch, but this guy clearly was the winner. Though I have to say, he never quite looked like he was enjoying it. Or rather, he looked like he was having a good time, but the sort of good time a frat guy might have while watching a game and talking with his buddies (which he was doing – the talking part, at least) all the while.

Jen’s hand idly stroked my cock under my towel. “Wanna go back in?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, and we walked back toward the party room. Nothing too compelling was in there, so we went back upstairs, to the red chair, this time, with me reclining, and her doing the work. Her mouth is soft, and her tongue quick. She cupped my balls with one hand, and I was in heaven. Until I opened my eyes and saw Jay and his date, looming.

[to be continued]


    1. Minor disrespect is managed by the attendees on a case-by-case basis. That’s all he’s guilty of – bad manners and poor reading of social/sexual cites cues. If he took one step further, I’m sure they’d throw him out.

  1. And here I thought if I waited for the second installment I wasn’t going to be on that “edge of my seat” list..gawd N…lol I’m really loving the description, the connections….makes me think of the subway…people get on, people get off….who knows exactly what their deal is or where they are going…but those brief few moments you get to engage with them can be quite interesting 🙂 Well done thus far….looking forward to more.

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