A quick thought on abortion, on election day

I tend not to write too explicitly about politics, though I suspect anyone who reads this blog can imagine roughly where I stand. But I have a thought on abortion that feels so powerfully like common sense to me, but is so rarely spoken aloud that I’m almost baffled by it.

How can anyone imagine that opposing abortion, except in cases of rape or incest, is anything other than a morally corrupt position that reveals that their ultimate goal is to punish a “guilty” woman for the sin of having gotten herself knocked up?

I hate the language of both sides in the abortion debate, generally. I genuinely respect true believers on each side, but think the “Life”/”Choice” dichotomy is unfortunate and unhelpful.

But anyone who believes that abortion a) is murder, and b) shouldn’t be permitted, unless c) the woman didn’t “deserve” to be pregnant by virtue of her behavior?

That’s a hypocrite who would control women’s bodies and sexuality.

Here’s to my prediction that tonight will be early, and a rout….

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