Age difference

She’s young. About twenty years younger than I am. Her smile is effervescent, her teeth perfectly straight, her skin covered with beauty marks.

Normally, I would stay away. While there’s an undeniable visual appeal to a younger woman – I confess, I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid of the aesthetic of youth – it’s very unusual that I’m actually attracted to a woman that much younger than I.

What’s worse? She’s bratty. She affects the position of a sub, professing to want to please me, to getting off on giving me what I want. But when push comes to shove, she doesn’t give me what I ask.

I will fuck her. It will happen.

And when it does?

She will pay the price for her brattiness.

I will restrain her. I will beat her ass. I will leave marks, even though she asks me not to. I will use her more roughly than is my custom, because… well, for two reasons.  First, because I know she wants me to. And second, because I want to. I usually am a sensual, gentle kind of dominant. There will be nothing gentle about the uses to which I put her.

I will fuck her face relentlessly.  I will pound her, hard, long.

I will command her to cater to me, to my every whim.

And she will.

And she will be rewarded. Handsomely.


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