Period sex

I’ve recently encountered a couple of “period sex” questions.

In general, I don’t care if you don’t.

I just finished a book – The Invisible Gorilla – about, among other things, our misplaced confidence in our own memories.   And with the caveat that my memory may well be playing a trick on me, I have a vivid memory of watching David Mamet’s “House of Games” shortly after college in a large group of friends. My memory is of a scene in which, suddenly, a character’s hands are covered in copious amounts of blood. In this memory (and I should say, a cursory internet search for mention or discussion of this scene has turned up nothing), all the men in the group winced visibly, and the women were unperturbed. We had a debrief after the movie, and the consensus was that women actually see far more blood than men, far more frequently, and therefore are generally less squeamish than men in the presence of blood.


I like sex, a lot. And while bleeding – gushing red blood from a wound – definitely squicks me out, the brownish red period blood, the iron-y taste, is hardly a deterrent to my appetite for sex. It’s not that I get off on it – I don’t. But it hardly bothers me, it’s hardly a negative in the ledger that tallies the pros and the cons of a sexual encounter. And it’s certainly not dispositive. Nope, I’d happily lap up lots of blood, see my hand or cock covered in it. It just doesn’t bother me.

I know some women feel less sexy, less sexual, when they’re menstruating. But if it doesn’t squick you out, I’m there, in a hearbeat.

(A postscript: you know what does squick me out? Tampon strings and panty shields/liners. Somehow, while the period itself doesn’t bother me, encountering the tools you use to manage it does. I have no explanation, but all I can say is that if, while I rub your clit, I feel a string, I’m bumming, and hard. Or, to be more precise, not hard.)

And, just for fun, watch this video (if you haven’t). It’s also from the guys who wrote The Invisible Gorilla, and it’s pretty cool. (But not at all sexy.)


  1. I’m glad you wrote about this. In the last few weeks I happened to read a few threads on some different forums regarding this topic and there were various responses – but the ones that baffled me completely were the comments that stated that the guy in the couple is too grossed out so they usually had anal sex. I know that the whole menstruation=dirty concept has been around for a long time – but I seriously cannot understand why some folks think that menstrual blood is dirtier than shit. And maybe my reading of these comments was skewed . Maybe it has more to do with blood squeemishness – (cause I also know that anal sex does not always equal shit – but there is always that chance) – however, knowing what I do about how menstruation can be viewed – I tend to think otherwise.

    I, personally, am horny as hell on my period and I would be so sad to wind up with someone who couldn’t go there in some capacity.

    Oh – and menstrual cups work great for any external stimulation during periods. No string.

    1. I’m totally with you. I’m not really a big fan of anal – not so much for any conscious reason having to do with shit/Santorum, but just because, well, because fucking in the first place hasn’t come so easily for me (as I’ve written), and anal just seems – MORE. But I agree totally – if I WERE to be grossed out by blood, you can bet I’d be MORE grossed out by fecal matter and Santorum.

  2. I LOVE PERIOD SEX. And you make a valid point, women see a lot more blood than men, and since it comes from our bodies, it doesn’t squick us. Fortunately it washes off easily, so why worry? Personally I love the way it smells… its super sexy to me. And I love smelling that on my partner, too.

    1. I’ve never really noticed a strong smell, though I do like the iron-y taste when it’s not too overwhelming. When it is too overwhelming? Well, that’s just how it is. Sometimes pussy tastes great, sometimes less great. That’s just how it is. But how it tastes NEVER affects how much fun I have….

  3. I’ve always wondered if their were really men who would go down on a woman during her period. I would never allow that. Yet when I am on my period, I am at my horniest. So if a man doesn’t care, then I want sex, just not oral. I try to use Soft Cups so there is no mess.

    I watched that video once for work. It was wild counting how many noticed and how many didn’t in the training class.

  4. I earned my Red Wings in every possible permutation a long long time ago. Many a time have I had a red chin, red fingers, and red cock. It bothers me not. I actually think it’s more of a hassle to change the sheets, really.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  5. We do period sex all the time. Typically in the shower. My wife doesn’t like the mess of it, but it doesn’t seem to bother her any as long as we are in the shower.

    As for the video, I saw that one in University so…. [spoiler – rest of post deleted]

  6. Funny timing, last night Veronica announced that she got her period and we’d have to wait a day or two to have sex again. She generally doesn’t like period sex while I don’t feel strongly about it one way or another. I will admit that I’ve never gone down on a woman while she’s on her period, just not comfortable doing so.

    Carol commented about anal sex, this morning I teased my wife that if her period isn’t gone tonight, there’s always her ass. Here’s the difference between period sex and anal sex- period sex you *know* is going to be at least a little messy, with anal sex it’s possible, but more often than not, there’s no mess at all.

  7. I came over to take a gander at Wicked Wednesday, but got caught up in your other posts, bouncing around til I landed here. 🙂 I just had a weekend of play in which my period was a factor. I, personally, have issues with it (embarrassment mostly, not really “squick” but something else.) I’ve written about it a few times, and mention it in passing re: this past weekend. I have been fortunate to *never* have had a sex partner that was squicked by it, and I, personally, am not squicked by others’ periods. Just someone witnessing my own. Go figure.

    Since he knows that embarrassment is a “thing” for me, W has used that embarrassment factor to great effect – but has never made me feel unsexy or disgusting about it. He’s just let me know in no uncertain terms that he will have me when he wants, blood or no blood. So he’s managed to turn it into something hot, while at the time defusing the issue for me. I bless him for that.

    Anyway…didn’t mean to write a book on your post, I was just glad to read it, and the comments on it. Thank you!

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