Have a drink with me? (Another view)

Just a few days ago, I wrote about my vision of a first date with H, a “distant buddy” of recent vintage. She has a slightly different vision. But seems to me as if either way, I win:

I’m going to meet you at the bar. I’m not sure which one yet, but if it’s in your city, I’d like you to choose.

Wherever we end up, I will be one of the most stunning women in the room, I command attention. But don’t be jealous of the other men’s gazes, I will focus my attention solely on you.

I won’t tell you what I’ll be wearing, but don’t worry, I know your tastes. My skin is porcelain and smooth, I smell like coconut, like something musky, like sex. You won’t be able to resist touching me, running two fingers up the length of my arm, beginning from the delicate underside of my wrist.

Much to your chagrin, you’re going to be prematurely exposed to the lilting tones of my voice. I’m going to smile broadly and make you laugh. You’re going to beg me to let you take me from the bar, to somewhere private.

When you finally have me all to yourself, I’m going to strip down and kneel before you. I’m not going to reveal all my secrets. I have a gentle, teasing touch and I want to give your cock the attention he deserves.

When you’ve had enough, I want you to lift me up and lay me across your lap. I want you to alternate between spanking my ass and stroking it. You know I have no patience and I want you to torment me, to make me beg for your fingers in my pussy. But I don’t want you to stop until you’ve decided I’ve had enough.

Then I want you pull me on top of you and let me tease your cock. I get so wet so easily and I want you to feel it with your head, not your fingers. I’m going to hold your hands above you and slide down your shaft, slowly.

And then I’m going to fuck you and whisper the naughtiest things in your ear. I’ll lay flat on top of you and grind my pussy against your pubic bone until I come. I’ll let go of your wrists, sit up, and ride you, hard and fast. You’ll be transfixed by the tiny gold crucifix bouncing between my breasts, our savior in ecstasy.

When I’ve had my fill, I want you to flip me over and fuck me from behind. Bent over the bed, on all fours, standing with my hands on the floor, I don’t care, you know this is my favorite.

Before you enter me, circle my asshole and pinch my nipples. Then, with no warning, push into my dripping pussy and let me feel your balls slap against my ass. No matter how hard you’re pounding me, I’m going to ask for it harder. I want you to really give it to me, I’m delicate but I won’t break.

And then I’m yours, completely submerged in the fuck. Grab at my hips, slap my pussy, choke me… but no bruises. Talk dirty to me, tell me how tight my pussy is, how hot I am, how long you’ve imagined this instant. Please don’t call me names, but pour forth all the nasty thoughts that lurk in the depths of your mind.

When you’re right at the brink, slip a thumb into my pert asshole. If you’re not too dazed, I want you to ask my permission to come. I will turn around, take you deep into my mouth, and allow you to splatter the back of my throat with your cum.

As the blood flows back from your cock to your body, I will sit behind you and gently trace my fingers up from the base of your spine.

We will not be satiated, but we will be satisfied.



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