Folly, part 4 (Biter)

“Round 1, you son of a bitch. Your turn….”

The look in your eye scares me. “Don’t you dare be a biter,” I say….

“Set me free,” you say, and I do. I untie you, remove the restraints, the belt. Now, nude, you get up from the bed.

“Stand up, turn around, and sit down on the bed,” you say.

I do as I’m told.

“Now, lie down.”

I do.

You push my hands and feet to the far corners of the bed. My cock, hard, reaching up toward my navel, twitches.

You tear your dress some more. You tie my hands to the corners of the bed. “Don’t you love a four-poster?” you ask, teasing.

I nod.

You tie my feet to the corners of the bed.

“I don’t want your eyes to leave me,” you say.

Speechless, I nod, watching, as you get dressed in clothes from your bag. First, fabulous black silk panties, bikini style, that show off your ass to tremendous effect. Then, a matching bra. After that, you continue: a long, slender wool skirt. A black silk blouse, unbuttoned one button too far, so your breasts are magnificently visible from any angle. (If I were a purple writer, I’d say, “… like Mona Lisa’s smile.” But I’m not.)

“Fuck,” you say, as you walk, gingerly, toward me.  “You gave me fucking beard burn.”

And you look at me, a lascivious, nasty even, smile pushing the corners of your mouth up toward your eyes. “Ready?”

You sound determined, serious, almost cruel.

I nod.

And with none of the teasing or delicacy that I had shown you, you dive down, onto my cock. You slobber and slurp and lick and suck. You push your head down to the base, you lift it to the tip, you trace around the outside, up, down the shaft. You grab my dick with your hands, and twist, and slide, while your mouth is working.

My hips are bucking, thrusting, up to you, into you. Your mouth is hot, wet, welcoming – no, not welcoming – it’s like quicksand. I can’t imagine ever being able to remove my cock from your mouth.

With one hand, you cup my balls, gently. You press against the underside of my shaft, hard, with your thumb, even as you wrap your kiss-shaped lips around the head and suck hard. You drag your mouth underneath the shaft, and attack the sensitive spot under the head – with your tongue, your lips, your index finger, rubbing it gently.

You spit, you rub, you twist, you jerk, you suck. You sound hungry – you are hungry. I close my eyes as my head rolls back on the pillow.

You lift your head. You remove your hands. “I told you to keep your fucking eyes on me.” I open my eyes, tilt my head back down, and stare, deep, into your eyes.

“Go back to sucking my cock. Please.” I beg.

You spit on your hand, and then on the other, and then you wrap both hands around my cock and squeeze, hard, tight, interlacing your fingers and raising and lowering your hands, giving me a tight, tight, handjob. You lower your mouth to the head as you do this, and again, suck on only the very tip. You kiss it. You lick it. You suck, gently, hard. You let go with my hands, and again, with one, cup my balls. With the other, you trace a fingernail down from my balls, to my taint, and to my asshole.

You slide back, to my taint, where you press, first gently, then harder, all the while, licking and sucking furiously. My bucking is growing in intensity.

You slide your finger back down to my asshole, and very gently insert it. I sigh, moan. I lift up, away from your hand, toward your mouth. I lower, slowly, onto your finger, as it presses up into me.

You come up for air as you finger my asshole. “You like that?” you ask.

“Please don’t stop sucking my cock,” I plead.

My cock? It’s so fucking hard. I’m feeling my pulse in it, it’s twitching, in the moment of neglect it’s suffering while we’re talking.

“Please?” I beg.

You slide your finger deeper into my ass, and I lift my hips, my cock, toward you, into your mouth, and once again, I’m inside you.

Your eyes tilt up toward mine. Mine are waiting. “You know?” I say. “I”ve never seen you with your mouth around a cock before. You look good.”

Your eyes smile at me, as you let your tongue do the bulk of the work. You slide a hand down to your pussy. As you’re sucking me, you start playing with yourself, first stroking your (very wet) pussy, then fucking it with two fingers, then rubbing your clit.

You’re moaning.

I’m moaning.

You start rubbing your clit harder, faster, and moving your mouth on my cock in unison with your hands’ movements.

“Slow down,” I say.

“MMMmmm mmmmmm,” you say. I’m pretty sure that means, “Go fuck yourself.”

You speed up. You’re rubbing yourself frantically, moaning, gyrating; you’re sucking me furiously, hard. You’re fingering my ass with one hand, rubbing your clit with the other, and I can see you’re about to cum. I can feel I’m about to cum. Shit. I don’t want to cum. I have perfect control! I only cum when I decide to. God DAMN it!

I try to pull my cock away from your mouth, but all that does is impale my ass deeper on your finger. I try to hold my cock against the back of your throat, preventing you from agitating me further, but your tongue, swirling, presses against it, around it.

“STOP!” I say.

And as I say that, you increase the already-fast pace on your clit, and you start quivering, trembling. “Shit,” I say, as the orgasm starts to wash over you, as it starts to wash over me. “Oooooooooh,” I groan. “FUCKKKKKKK fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck,” as I’m shooting my cum down your throat, as you’re twitching, moaning, groaning.

We collapse. You, onto me, your finger out of my ass, your hand cupping me, my cock, softening, still in your mouth, my cum mostly down your throat, but with a little dribbling out the side of your mouth.

“FUCK!” I say.

Some minutes pass. I stroke your hair, gently. I hadn’t imagined how easy this all would be. I knew it would be fun, but now, as I hold your head, as I slip out of your mouth, your smile and mine meet, and it’s easy.

“The game is tied,” I say.  “And thanks for not biting.”

to be continued


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