Lilly has a G-spot orgasm

Last night, I received the following in my e-mail:

I’ve only eve had a few of these and i got it recorded. I how you enjoy. My ears are ringing and my toes are tingling. Holy fuck. My whole body is weak and wobbly. I didn’t dare listen to the recording. I had the hardest time hitting the record button. 😛 [sic]

The attachment?  Lilly’s fifth (and by far most intense) orgasm.

How’d she do it?  How’d she produce this masterpiece?  I asked her.  (I’ve cleaned up the typing a bit, just because the typos were kind of painful.  She can spell, so I take it the poor spelling in the original was just the aftermath of the orgasm.)

Well, I was sexting with a friend.  Pretending I was a student and he was a professor. Professor K.  He had me stay after class to see how I could improve my grade.  I bent over to pick up a dropped pen and he noticed I wasn’t wearing panties, for which has laid me over his lap to spank me.  Slipping a finger inside me, then two.  Having me lick his fingers clean, tasting myself.  Then taking out his cock so I could taste him… sucking his cock as he held my head, directing the tempo.  Then lifting me up to the desk, rubbing his cock on my clit… then just at the entrance to my cunt, making me tell him that I wanted it.

Anyway….you get the picture.

All the while, I’m sitting on my couch, panties pushed aside, both knees bent, both legs spread wide, slowly working my dildo in and out.  (I’m not usually one for toys.)  As I was working the dildo in and out I hit a spot that that made my thighs quiver.  Shoved deep inside, imagining it was Professor K, I hit the spot over and over, in and out, round and round when I felt it radiate through my body.  I could barely work the dildo as I shook, juices dripping out, my fingers so slippery I gave up and let my body quake.

Afterward I was breathless, my ears rang, my toes tingled.  I’m still weak and shaky.  🙂

I’ve written just a bit about Lilly before (here, and here).  But she’s a mystery.

She’s an exhibitionist, to be sure:  I know she gets off on my posting the sounds she makes, on the traffic she has brought here – she’s told me that.

But that’s about all she’s told me.  I know her name, her profession, her (rough) location.  But we have no relationship to speak of.  With P, about whom I’ve been writing lately, I have an intense relationship (more on the relationship itself, and not just the sex at some other time).  I’ve had two other intense virtual relationships – one, with the subject of this post, which has been interrupted by undisclosed circumstances in her life (but which, for the record, I very much hope resumes), and one with the subject of these posts, about which I have little more to say that I haven’t already.

Lilly is an odd one:  she comes and goes, even in the course of a day.  She’ll flirt shamelessly, and then she’s gone, sometimes for days or weeks at a time.  What I hunger for, what gets me going, in intensity, frequency, recurrence, sexual and emotional, intellectual, connection.  Lilly actually complained about me recently that I’m all about the sex, that it’s hard for her to find a route of connection to me other than sex.  So I tried – asked her all sorts of questions, offered up info.  But as she does, she disappeared.

Until she sent this.



  1. I have to admit, I do miss having someone to be an exhibitionist like this for, to come for, etc. 

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