She cums for me once more

And this time, she even says “Hey, N.” at the end….  Click here to listen.  (A player should pop up.)

Here’s a brief description of how she makes herself cum, if you’re interested:

I rarely, if ever, come during sex. I masturbate a lot. My orgasms used to be strictly clitoral, using my fingers to rub my clit. I had been masturbating that way since I was little (I won’t say how young). As I got older, I bought a vibrator but it never did much for me. I prefer the feeling of skin on skin.

More recently, I’ve changed my approach with amazing results. A friend of mine was filling me in on the wonders of anal play. I had tried anal sex once and didn’t particularly care for it. After some prodding, I decided it wouldn’t hurt for me to do some exploring on my own. Now…WOW. I masturbate by inserting an anal toy. It’s not a vibrator. It’s tapered at the insertion end, bulges a little toward the center and tapers again. A bit sticks out…so when I lay on my back I can rotate my hips and hit the key spots. At the same time, I still rub my clit. Which has been earning me a double-orgasm: clitoral and G (I’m not sure if it’s G since it’s anal, but it’s definitely NOT the same as my clitoral orgasm). The G knocks my socks off. It’s much more intense and lasts longer.

There’s a lot that’s hot about this for me.  First and foremost, it’s just really fucking hot to listen to a woman get herself off.  Go to Sonic Erotica for lots of this (and more – hat tip to Liza for pointing me in their direction).

But this a super-hot orgasm – listening to the crescendo, to her breathing faster and faster, to the shorter breaths, and the growing noise.

And it’s a super-hot orgasm for me.  And, dear reader, for you – you can partake in the dedication of the orgasm to you, because this one was produced specifically in the hopes that I’d publish it here for you to hear.  As she wrote me yesterday, “I wonder if this is what porn stars feel like. Anyway, I hope your followers enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating. ;)”  And she added that masturbating for me, and knowing that you were listening here, that people on Twitter were being referred here, was the hottest thing she’d ever done.

I trust there will be more….

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