Willow and her friend

Willow, blonde, wears lycra leggings, a tight top. Her friend, Elyse, a fiery redhead, is dressed similarly – brown cotton tights and a sheer top. Each is virtually flat-chested. Neither needs, or wears, a bra. Four nipples greet me.

We peck hello on the cheeks, but it’s not long before we’re in the mix.

Willow grabs my ass and shoves her tongue down my mouth.  Her mouth is big, wide, and welcoming.  Kissing her is not like kissing anyone else.

Elyse is giggling.  My hand is on her ass, reaching down beneath her leggings to squeeze her.  She has a nervous tic – giggles constantly whenever she’s aroused.  And she’s aroused.

I send Willow to change her clothes:  she knows I’m a fan of the costume change, and she’s come prepared.  Meanwhile, I ask Elyse to remove my clothes – all but my boxers.  She lifts my shirt over my head, yanks my belt off, with a flourish, and starts to ease my jeans down, rubbing my cock a bit for good measure as she does.  I ease back on the bed, and help her slide the jeans over my hips and down my legs.  She starts rubbing my cock through my jeans as I press up toward her.

Out comes Willow, in boyshorts and a tight t-shirt.  “Out of my way,” she barks at Elyse.  “Your turn to change.”

Willow crawls up between my legs.  She’s having none of this “teasing” shit:  my boxers are off in a moment, and my cock slides into her mouth.  There’s something about her mouth – warm, preternaturally smooth, welcoming.  And her tongue too – velvety, gentle, firm, teasing.

Some time passes.  Five minutes?  Half an hour?  Who cares.

Out comes Elyse:  she’s in a tiny black dress, thigh-highs, and heels.

The two of them take turns on my cock, one licking, sucking, the other cupping my balls, and licking them from below.  “Put your pussy in his face, Elyse,” says Willow.  She’s capable of being quite the domme….

Elyse does as she’s told.  Her bush is full, bright red.  She faces the headboard, and lowers herself onto my face.  I lick, and slurp, and suck.  I lick my thumb and slide it up behind her, pressing it firmly against, but not into, her asshole.  She giggles, and presses forward, holding the headboard with one hand and my head with the other.  Willow swallows my cock fervently, hungrily, as I buck toward her, and lift my head into Elyse.  My thumb’s not pressing against her asshole now, it’s deep inside it.  Elyse is moaning, and making more noise than any of us is comfortable with.

Willow presses pause, directs Elyse to the bathroom.  “Get the bath started,” she says.  Elyse is gone, and Willow’s back on my cock.  She won’t give me a break.  My stamina is insane, but she’s giving me a run for it.

Two minutes later, and Willow leads me by the hand to the bathroom, where we find Elyse standing in the tub, the hand shower shooting warm water in her cunt.  Willow sits me on the toilet and kneels before me, swallowing me yet again.  My cock can’t get enough of her mouth, and that’s just fine by her.  Meanwhile, Elyse is increasingly oblivious to us, increasingly focused on the sensations in her cunt as the water presses, pulsing, against her clit.

Willow finally needs a break.  “Switch places,” she says to Elyse.  And they do.  Willow stands in the tub, spraying her cunt.  And then she switches the water so it comes out the faucet.  She closes the drain, and sits back, directing the water from the faucet to her cunt.  Elyse’s mouth is delicious, too, though no match for Willow’s.  The tub is filling, and I continue thrusting, harder, into Elyse’s mouth, while pulling her red hair toward me.

When the tub is full enough, she turns on the jets, and positions herself for maximum effect.  The jets pulse and shoot at her cunt, and she holds herself by the railings on the walls as she bucks and moans.

And like that, she’s had enough.  “Let’s go back to the bed,” she says.  And grabs us both and leads us.  She pushes me down, and handcuffs me.  “Enough of your hands,” she says.  “Elyse?  Face us and play with yourself.  N, tell Elyse what you’d like to do with her, if your hands weren’t cuffed?”

“I’d pull you on top of my cock,” I say.  “With Willow licking your clit while I fuck you from below.”

“Now, Elyse,” says Willow.  “Tell us what you’d do if I weren’t making you play with yourself?”  I have two fingers in her cunt as Elyse struggles to talk.  She’s rubbing her clit, I’m fucking her hard with my hand, and she’s near-incoherent.

“Forget it,” says Willow.  “I’ll tell you.  I’d break open a bottle of champagne, and pour it all over all of us.  You’d be licking it off of N’s back while I fucked him in the ass with the bottle.”

That was all it took.  Elyse is shuddering, giggling, moaning, as she cums.  And I follow – my cum shoots all over Willow’s face.  Willow laughs, hysterically.

“I guess you liked that, eh?” says Willow.

Elyse is speechless.

So am I.


  1. Very erotic.
    I actually did the whole tub thing this morning. Nice to read a sexier version of what I normally do. Unbelievably effective!

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