Cum for me (part 2)

I asked her to cum for me, and she did.

I asked her to allow me to share it with you, and she did.

A woman’s orgasm  (Skip to 1:30 if you don’t have the patience to listen to how she gets there.  And turn up your speakers.)


  1. We listened the whole way through, and we’re really glad we did.  While the orgasm itself was very intense and erotic to hear, the anticipation was tangible in the minute and a half leading up to it.

  2. I’m flattered you all enjoyed this…I was really hesitant as it’s an extremely personal experience for me.  I must admit, it excites me to know people are out there, listening and, perhaps, getting turned on.

  3. Outstanding. I love the gasping & heavy breathing that goes along with the orgasm, before & after. 🙂

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