Cum for me

The power she holds over me is inexplicable.  Her eyes are steel blue.  Her hair, blonde.  She’s a shameless flirt.  I see it all the time.  It’s almost pathological, her flirtiness – hard for me to feel special to her.

But I can see that, just as she has a power over me – just as she can, with just a few words, make my cock rock hard; just as she can, with a text, have my full attention; just as she can, with a breath, a sigh, a spoken word, make the rest of my world recede – I have a power over her.

I can make her nipples hard without even touching them, her cunt moist without pressing my fingers into it.  I can make her stomach churn with nerves just by sending a few choice words.

We make a nice pair.

I have learned some things about her.  I have learned how shapely her breasts are.  I have learned that she likes her breasts and her face more than she likes her ass.  (Is she self-conscious about her ass?  I don’t care.  I want it.)

I have learned that she trusts me.

And I know what she sounds like when she cums.  I want you to know, too….


  1. Liking the new layout. I have yet to meet someone that does that to me.
    I’m also a bigger fan of my face and breasts ( I’ve got epic breasts ). Ass? Not so much.

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