Note to…

I am going to ruin at least one pair of your panties by drenching them so completely with your cunt that they will never recover.

And another pair by tearing them off of you.

And I am going to write, gently, on your pretty ass with a Sharpie®. And on your pretty breasts. Before I slap that ass and pinch those nipples. So you have to scrub hard to erase the evidence that, for just an hour, or three, I owned them.

And I’m going to take pictures of your pretty face on my cock. With your phone.

So you can erase the pictures if you like. Or masturbate while you remember how it felt to suck my cock.

Your choice.

Wicked Wednesday


  1. So hot! And you should take a picture of the lovely spunk you blow onto her face…only to hopefully to shared with her husband when she receives his kiss good morning the next day. N you are dominance.

    1. Oh, that’s where the hotness is, no? If I take the pictures/video with my phone, it’s creepy (unless there’s a FUCKLOAD of trust). But if it’s your phone? Damn.

    1. I’ve written about it before. Short answer: it’s simply not my thing, from any angle. I have no desire to cuckold or to be cuckolded. It doesn’t seem hot to me, doesn’t push my buttons. I have nothing against it. But it’s not for me.

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