One more late-night thought….

It’s getting late by you. Soon, you’ll be getting in bed, tuning out for the evening. I don’t know what you wear to bed, but tonight, I would suggest that you sleep topless, in cotton panties.

DON’T stick your hand inside your panties.

I want you to touch yourself through the panties, to press them into your cunt, hard. And trace the outside of the panties with your fingernails – tease your thighs, your cunt, with your own touch.

But don’t go in – don’t stick your finger inside you, no matter how wet you get, no matter how much your pussy craves it. Don’t reach for a toy (except to press it against your panties).

Roll over, on your stomach, a hand under your crotch, so when you simply lie down, when you allow the weight of your midsection to be transmitted to your bed, it can’t help but press your clit down on your fingers.

And sleep well.

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