One of the games we bloggers play with one another is that of memes, invented themes that people riff off of (on?). It’s all in good fun – combining formal structures like those of writing in verse, or haiku, or sonnet, with the fun of collective collaborative play, as in successive solos in a jazz performance.

I’ve been trolling for good memes, and there are lots: there are weekly memes, like the now-deceased but still-kicking half-nekkid Thursday, Wanton Wednesday, #fucktoyfriday (on Twitter) and more. And there are conceptual, more writer-ly memes, like the trifecta meme of yesterday.

They’re all fun.

Guy New York had a great one to promote his new book, Brorotica. It’s hysterical, and hot – worth going on Twitter once to read up on, even if you’ve never been there before. It’s a meme calculated to make your homophobic uncle’s head explode.  The two winners:

“If you are going to suck so much at Halo, you might as well suck my dick,” by Shon Richards, and

“I can’t have you out on the field all blocked up, dude. It’s not good for the team. Unzip and we’ll make it quick,” by Jack Stratton.

These guys write both hot and dirty, and I’m definitely getting the book.

Meanwhile (memewhile), I have, in thinking about instructions for Lwhile she’s away, stumbled on a few that are fun for me to ponder – some, with names: some, as yet unnamed:

  • #tweetcum: 140-character descriptions of orgasm.
  • Tales of erotic pairings featuring no physical contact, no nudity, and no dialogue.
  • Stranger Saturday: tales of anonymous sex.
  • #pantypicking:  post some choices of underwear (either by themselves, or modeled); allow the interwebs to select among them.  Selection entirely subjective – perhaps just by votes, perhaps by tweeted rationale.

Give me some of yours – I’m thinking I’ll use them as little writing assignments for myself (or others).  What do you say?

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