A note on commenting

I'm thinking I hate "Intense Debate," the system that manages comments on here.  It's cumbersome, and buggy.  What I liked about it was that it permitted nested comments, and promised to allow me to reply to comments by e-mail.  It turns out, the e-mail feature doesn't work (at least not reliably, which is the same as not working – worse, actually, since I occasionally type replies to comments and e-mail them, and assume they've been posted, and then later see that, half the time, they haven't).

Which is all to say, I'm thinking of getting rid of it, switching back to Blogger's built-in, but not particularly richly featured, comments.  Anyone who blogs and has thoughts, or comments a lot on blogs, I'd love them.
One unfortunate cost of switching would/will be that I lose all the comments people have left to date.  I guess a reason in favor of doing it sooner, rather than later.
SO:  If you have thoughts/experience/advice on the matter, I'd love to hear from you, whether in the comments here or via e-mail.

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