Sex clubs/parties in New York – OneLegUp

OneLegUp has several different kinds of parties – they have “Eat-In” soirees, “Take-Out,” and “Tastings.”  Eat-in means, well, that you might well eat someone else in the party.  Take-out means, you take whom you meet out.  And “Tastings” are by invitation only.

The parties are a creation of a woman who calls herself “Palagia,” and I’ve only been to one, a “Take-Out” soiree.  This was a decadent affair, a sensuously decorated bar, with seventy-five or so guests.  The party we attended was “White” themed – guests were required to be dressed either in white or nothing.  People were turned away if they didn’t comply with the dress code.

The crowd was hot, diverse in terms of age (ranging from, say, 25 to 65, but no one unattractive among them, and the median age was probably 30), and festive.  The scene itself was festive – loud music, sexy shirtless guys playing bongos, a topless female body-painter, and a few other hot people who Palagia had seeded the room with to make the whole thing feel fun.

We didn’t stay to the end, but by the time we left, there were a fair number of mostly nude people, and more than a little cock-sucking and pussy-eating going on, but not with the benefit of either beds or privacy.  Whatever groping was happening was happening on bar stools or on the dance floor, jammed as it was.  There was a scrum of eight or ten hot 20-something folks that looked impenetrable, but very appetizing.

I’m eager to go to one of their eat-in soirees, but haven’t yet been able to make the timing work. TimeOut NYC says of them, “This event’s keywords are sensual and sophisticated: Organizers screen prospective partygoers carefully, selecting beautiful people and Manhattan-professional types.”


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