Be my “lover” and “play” with me

What is it about these words, “lover” and “play”?

For me, they’re (almost) always a turn-off.  Not just a turn-off.  A dispositive, not-gonna-go-there turn-off.

I have a bunch of associations with the words, none positive, and for better or for worse, I draw a certain set of conclusions about just about anyone who uses them.

There’s one exception that I can think of – the Historian.  But apart from her, whenever a woman uses these words, it makes me not want to fuck her.

To me, the words signal a seriousness – a SELF-seriousness – that is repulsive.  I don’t take myself at all seriously.  I think I’m smart, articulate, good-looking, fun in bed, creative, and FUNNY.  Especially in bed.

To me, “lovers” don’t laugh in bed, they don’t even smile.  When they’re “playing,” they’re deadly serious.

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