1.  Please wear a skirt that’s just a little shorter than you’re usually comfortable in, thigh-highs, and heels.  Wear a tight top, and no bra.  Pull your hair back, tightly, into a pony-tail.

2.  At 6:00 p.m., please be at the clock in the center of Grand Central Station.  Have your phone in your hand. Await instructions.

See you later!

I see you.  You look totally hot.  Please don’t reply to this, just walk, slowly, toward the southeast exit of the station.

Drop something.  Bend over, slowly, to pick it up.  Keep walking.

Look around.  See if you can find me.

Now, turn east on 42nd Street and start walking.  Slowly.

Walk into the Hyatt – go to the bar.  I’ll hand you an envelope.  Please don’t speak.

[inside the envelope are a note and a key:]
This is the key to Room 1402.  Please proceed to the room.  Once there, please remove your top, lie down on the bed, and play with yourself.  Please do not remove any more clothing.  I will be along shortly.

Twenty or so minutes later, I walked quietly into the room to find her, languorously touching herself.  I dropped my things and started slowly rubbing myself through my jeans.  As I grew harder she began stroking herself a bit more intently.  I walked around to the side of the bed, released my cock from my jeans, and pulled her head roughly toward my cock, shoving it into her mouth….

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