Please only do this if it appeals. But I hope it will.

Please pick a night when you’re free to go out. Dress better than you usually do. Maybe a cocktail dress or gown, and sexy lingerie – as if you’ve been somewhere really fancy. Go to the fanciest hotel bar you can find – ideally, we’re talking a 4- or 5-star place. Sit yourself at the bar and nurse a single drink. Occasionally, go to the ladies’ room and play with yourself for a moment or two. Leave me a voicemail or two and send me a few pictures over the course of the evening. I want to see the process of your getting dressed:  starting nude, and with the addition of each piece of clothing.  Send me pictures of your face, your ass, your breasts, your hips.

Think of the evening as a date with me. (And, you’ll get off….)

I imagine it’s likely you’ll be approached. I don’t want you fucking anyone this evening – I want you for myself. Collect phone numbers, sure, but don’t so much as kiss anyone.

After about two hours, or after the fifth guy approaches you, whichever comes first, go home. Take pictures of yourself as your clothes come off – I want to see every step of undressing. And then shower, til you’re squeaky clean. Lay a towel on your bed, climb atop it, and bring yourself off for me. When you’re done, I’d like you to call me and thank me for a lovely evening.


  1. Mmmmm… and you didn’t get any response from this?
    Or you got them all directly to your email?
    I certainly hope you did…

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