Jul 262015

“When you start to drift into a situation where you might make bad choices, you stop and meditate?  I understand the value of daily, routine prayer or meditation, but I guess I don’t see the connection to things that occur randomly throughout the day. A very benign example is that commuting to and from work, […]

Jul 182015

“Which do you prefer: restraints or blindfolds?” Um, both? Each is immeasurably better with the other. Restraints, though, are more work to implement, unless they’re the under-the-bed kind, and you’re in my bed. Which you’re not, and won’t be, unless you’re one person in particular. Workarounds – like makeshift or portable cuffs – are fun, […]

Jul 152015

“What trait do you value most in a woman?” Confidence? Openness? Curiosity? Enthusiasm? Oral skills? Some hybrid of those? (Do I really have to choose?)   “What are three words your friends would use to describe you?” Bald. Funny. Quick. (Plus, maybe, ornery, though I think I’m less so than I used to be.)

Jul 152015

“What is your favorite non-sexual part of a woman’s body?” I confess, this question confuses me. Twice over. First of all, are there non-sexual parts of women’s bodies? I’m not aware of them. And second, which woman? But let me try to answer the question I think this reader was asking. I think she meant, […]

Jul 142015

“What do you think is your best feature?” Tough question. I mean, of course, there are all the non-physical aspects of me – my creativity, my openness, the way my brain works. But I have the sense this is a more corporeal question: what part of my body do I think “best.” Best? My eyes […]

Feb 282015

Hi. Did you see this? I am curious about your view on the desire/arousal distinction…I wonder if… you think women can be categorized as either having hunger or responsive arousal…:) This question, from a sexy reader who hasn’t yet sucked my cock, but who, I’m fully confident, will. (If you don’t follow the link, it’s […]

Jan 082015

Any particular scenes? Why? I was asked this recently by a woman who, I hope, will not remain nameless. And I responded with two movies, one scene each. They both appeared in 1986, a crucial year in the development of my sexuality, and just prior to its stagnation, two years later…. At the time, I […]