What’s something that people always assume about you just from the way you look?

This is the last of Another L‘s questions. And she’s been pretty quiet since I answered this one…

But here’s my answer:

Always is a lot.

Often? That I’m a musician. (I don’t have a musical bone in my body.)

When I was younger, I had long, curly hair. And two earrings. (I’ve been bald/shaven-headed since a belated intervention in my 20s. I still wear the earrings.) Somehow I think I still read as having the characteristics people associate with long hair 30 years after I lost it.

Almost as often? That I’m gay. Men think this much more than women. I’m aware of one woman thinking that in recent years. And dozens of men. I imagine this has something to do with the prominence of sex and sexuality in my self-presentation. As well as with a certain gesture toward effeminacy that I seem to have.

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