What’s one thing you’ve wanted to try sexually but have never managed?

The next in a series of questions from Another L.

And my reply….

I got 3

  1. Sucking cock as an adult. I did in my teens and early 20s. I would like to (want to) suck a man’s cock today. Alas, I don’t, actually, want to.
  2. Being pegged. Here too, this is more something I want to want than something I want. Surely it would have happened by now if I really wanted it to.
  3. This is the real one: I want a woman with whom I’m involved sexually to find me, us, another woman. I’ve done this in the commercial realm, but I really really want it to happen non-commercially.

Truthfully, it could be partly commercial: it only would slightly dampen the appeal if the procured woman were… procured. What’s really important is that the procure-er be acting from non-commercial motivation.

And to take it to the next level? For this to merge with my core masturbatory fantasy, for one woman to recruit an army for me.

Cock sucking could happen here

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