May 052014

Hy and I continue our monthly back and forth about blogs we’ve stumbled on that we find compelling. Last month, you may recall, my contribution was the author of “The Amsterdam Diaries” – a British patron of Amsterdam prostitutes. His blog is fascinating to me, not least because it’s so cold, so un-reflective, so foreign […]

Jun 272013

It hadn’t occurred to me, but even the name is smug, superior, self-satisfied. And wrong. It should be “make sex, not porn,” to be accurate, as much of the sex depicted is not “making love” – it’s between friends, or solo, or whatever. But even then, why start by saying, in your name, “what we […]

Apr 052013

My wife recently forwarded me this article, by Rebecca Solnit, about violence against women. “I think,” she wrote, “it would be an interesting thing to repost on your blog.” She was right. What should we do about rape, about male sexual violence against women, about male violence? They’re epidemic, and we all lament them, but […]

Apr 032013

I know I’ve written about it before, and I doubt I have much new to say, but it’s the nature of this blog that from time to time I circle back and reiterate things previously said, only slightly differently. You can never step in the same river twice, right? Anyway…. I was reading Maggie McNeill’s […]

Jun 122012

This blog has some things in common with The Honest Courtesan – it’s erudite and thoughtful, and features a fair amount of “meta” writing – writing about writing about sex, etc. It’s got a wide variety of things – straight-up erotica, discussions of sex in art and erotica over time, analysis and discussion of writing, […]

Jun 112012

This blog is the second in a series of those I recommend to you. This one is in some ways the polar opposite of the one I recommended yesterday, the Honest Courtesan. Where the Honest Courtesan is a cerebral, serious, thoughtful, academic, critical blog by a very smart, very articulate former sex worker, Happy Endingz […]

Jun 112012

Over the next stretch of time, one thing I hope to do is to share with you some blogs that I find especially interesting, thought-provoking, or whatever.  You’ve read me rave about Liza a gazillion times – if, by now, you haven’t been to her blog (or to the other blogs I think of as […]