Happy Endingz

This blog is the second in a series of those I recommend to you. This one is in some ways the polar opposite of the one I recommended yesterday, the Honest Courtesan. Where the Honest Courtesan is a cerebral, serious, thoughtful, academic, critical blog by a very smart, very articulate former sex worker, Happy Endingz is more of an “in-the-trenches” account of a happy ending massage parlor somewhere in the Northeast, written by an unpretentious long-time worker in the place. She uses the blog both to describe what goes on with the men and what goes on among the women who work there, and it’s impossible to read the blog for long without getting a pretty good feel for the texture of this place.

The writing isn’t great, there is almost no meta-analysis of what’s going on – it’s just a raw, visceral first-person account of life working in a somewhat seedy massage parlor.  For this, it’s really valuable:  if you haven’t been to such a place, this blog will give you a good sense of what it’s like, both from a customer’s viewpoint and from a worker’s.

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