Oct 112015

My relationship with Sofia is a constant work in progress. In recent weeks, we have been experimenting with a new way of interacting. In the past, I would tell Sofia what I wanted to see of her, what I wanted her to do for me, and she would, unfailingly, deliver. It made her pussy wet […]

Aug 182015
Missing Sofia

Relationships – even virtual, long-distance ones – are complicated. Regular readers know how fucking hot Sofia is, how devoted she is to giving me precisely what I want, precisely what I need. But the realities of our relationship – we’ve never met, may well never meet – make it particularly susceptible to miscommunications and frustration […]

Apr 012015
Dat ass

Emily tries my patience. At a distance, she’s hardly submissive to my requests, compliant with my demands. Except when she wants to be, when she is. Worse, she dispenses with requests she doesn’t like or isn’t willing to comply with dismissively, disrespectfully. “Can’t right now,” she often says in response to a request. If I […]

Feb 012015
Sofia’s motivation

She asked me what I think motivates her in her interactions with me. I’m not sure why she asked me. Presumably, I told her, she knows better than I do what her motivations are. But I took a stab at them. I share them here with you, not so much so you can get to […]

Jan 072015

Luna said this to me explicitly. Others have said it more implicitly. The type of woman with whom I interact most effortlessly, most rewardingly – and mutually so – inspires me to attend to her, and responds to my attention with compliance, with devotion. Compliance begets attention; attention begets compliance. You get wet. I get […]