Charlotte’s audio (more)

Charlotte’s audio continues to flow my way, and I feel very fortunate. It’s flowing at a pace greater than that with which my words can possibly keep up. I can’t give you the context for every instance of edging, for every orgasm, that there has been over the last several days. And yet – I still want to share with you. So.

Here are a few little snippets:

Two minutes of delicious edging:

Charlotte offered me five minutes. I took it. And this is how I spent it: “Just edge. 30 seconds or less on. 10 off. For five minutes. FUCK.

She gave me another five minutes. In this one, I told her that she had one minute to come – if she was able to, great; if not, I would be just fine with that, too. I had had her on the edge for a bit, and she didn’t have any trouble. At. All.

In the remaining four minutes, I had her send me a TON of pictures. You’ll see at least some of them elsewhere in the coming days. But here is just one:

And THEN? I had her repeat that previous exercise, but this time, sending me four minutes worth of nude photos. Exquisitely sensitive to my preferences and tastes, Charlotte knocked the cover off the ball. Here are just a couple – so you get a sense of how fucking lucky I am that, in a matter of days, my cock will once again be inside of her.

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