Her strawberry blonde hair is in a big chignon, at the back of her head. Her green eyes are bright. Her mouth – thin lips- rests in a half-frown.

Her skin is pale, white, but looks a bit darker because of the bright white tank maxi-dress she wears, of thick cotton. She wears two-inch-high shiny white canvas shoes. They aren’t sneakers. (Or trainers, L.)

Her breasts, large, push her bra against the fabric of the dress.

She wears gaudy gold/brass earrings, and a matching necklace.

Her curves are compelling.

Her lack of mask?

Less so.

One comment

  1. I love that the footwear made enough of an impression to warrant a description to clarify their exact type.

    Although trainers with that outfit would have been a bigger visual affront than the lack of mask so I’m glad of it

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