Apr 302013

Thanks, Maxie. It’s been too long….



  9 Responses to “A gift from a friend”

  1. I love my Hitachi! This is awesome; Erika Moen did an awesome job. 🙂

  2. That’s great – thanks for posting it.

  3. will like to get this for my chick!

  4. one of her toys I like to play with from time to time. I don’t care for the full on clatter the teeth types (well except fort he 120 bullet we have but that’s a different story) Great post

  5. For me my Hitachi stays under the bed gathering dust for ALL of the negative points above. This made me smile and chuckle. It is the Marmite of sex toys, you either love it or hate it. Great post, thank you.

    Rachel x

  6. OMG this really is hilarious! Such a lovely gift from your friend 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. I love the way this has been done. Best sex toy review I have ever read. As for the Hitachi, too much for me that it was almost painful…. in a bad way 😉


  8. Fantastic review; we have the palmpower massager which has similar limitations

  9. 🙂 now i want to try one. Great way of reviewing a toy!

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