Thinking about Serena

My first date with Serena established several things.

First, and perhaps most important, we like one another.

Second, nearly as important, we have insane physical sexual chemistry.

On our first date, this chemistry exploded in a relatively tender, soft, vanilla kind of way. Serena told me she can get wild, and she’s read enough of my blog to know precisely the ways in which I can get wild. The truth is, though, we didn’t discuss this very much. Although I tossed her around a little bit and told her what to do and where to put herself, I didn’t dress her or exercise control over her in the hours and days leading up to our time together.

As our second date approaches, I hunger for more control. Somehow, I have the feeling that while Serena is very happy to give me control once we’re in the room together, the exercise of control at a distance is not necessarily something she’s signed up for, not necessarily something she’s interested in, not necessarily something of which she’s particularly capable.

Some women engage with my texts and communications compulsively, responding nearly instantly to everything I say. Serena is not one of these women. Half of my texts to her go unanswered, and when she does answer, she does so after six, eight, or twenty-four hours. There’s no real back and forth between us, not for lack of trying on my part, but it seems just not to be something she’s interested in.

I respect this, but as I said, I’m hungry.

And so, as I plan the date, I contemplate several possibilities.

First, there’s a reprise of our first date: a nice dinner where Serena dresses herself in ways I’m confident will excite me, and, after the date, we repair to a hotel and engage in sexual activity of the sorts we both want.

A second possibility is that I exercise a little bit more control. I choose the clothes she wears, offer her some instructions in the days leading up to our time together, and ask her to send me a few photos of her body, clothed for my delectation.

A third possibility is even more comprehensive control.

Maybe I buy the outfit she wears and give it to her…. But. Maybe that’s another date…. I trust there will be one.

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