Verbs for Serena (shared before the second date)

Smile. Laugh. Talk. Drink. Connect. Enjoy.

Kiss. Taste. Caress. Touch. Tickle.

Spank. Press. Push. Pull. Toss. Throw.

Restrain. Constrain. Confine. Tie. Blindfold. Frustrate. Limit.

Eat. Devour. Consume. Lick. Suck. Spit. Chew. Bite. Swallow.

Writhe. Struggle. Moan. Groan. Buck.

Vibrate. Quiver. Shake.

Ask. Plead. Beg.

Penetrate. Impale. Fuck. Slide. Glide. Enter. Exit. Enter. Exit. Enter. Exit. Thrust.

Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come.

Cuddle. Snuggle. Hug. Kiss. Caress.

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