A sext exchange [lightly edited]

You arrive at the airport.

You get off the plane, having squeezed your clit rhythmically for five hours on the flight, wearing a sundress. With nothing underneath.

We ride back to the city in a cab. My fingers in your cunt the whole way, in the back of the cab. You, pressing down, hard, on my hand. But not coming.

I deposit you in a hotel room. Where, upon arrival, you spend, say, three hours sucking my cock. Much like this.

I leave you for a bit. Or maybe not.

I feast on your cunt for a similar amount of time. And then, I leave you for a bit. You might be ready for bed.

I’ll give you directions. How to go to bed. What to wear to bed. How to wake up.

Holy fuck.

What do do when you wake up.

And perhaps I’ll surprise you. With breakfast. And cock.

And I’ll maybe feed you my cock a bit, maybe fuck you a bit. And leave you, wet and wanting, for a bit – with instructions for what to do, what to feed me.

You’ll be very busy.

I’ll be back, intermittently. To fill your holes.

And I’ll leave. And you’ll do more work for me.

But it would be just. you.

In this fantasy? Yes.


Sure – there’s other fantasies with other roommates.

I want to hear all fantasies where I’m included

One at a time, woman.

Even if I only play a small part. OKAY . Listening.

(show me you listening)

Maybe I’ll leave you for one hour with the instruction: lie down, nude, spread-eagled, on the bed. Eyes closed. And don’t. Fucking. Move.

And just wait.

And I’ll leave you in that position for a while.

Five minutes? Fifteen? Sixty?

At some point, I’ll come in. You’ll hear me come in. You’ll hear me undress.

Maybe I’ll blindfold you. Maybe you’ll be blindfolded from the start.

Maybe restrained.

(Though honestly, I wouldn’t leave you restrained alone.)


You’ll be lying there, waiting, immobile, blindfolded, legs spread, nude.

And maybe I’ll sneak up and slide my fingers deep into you.

Maybe I’ll lower my cock into your hungry mouth.

Maybe I’ll just plow my cock into your cunt, no warning.

Or maybe I’ll bite a thigh, hard, before licking your clit.

Anyway, I’ll put your pretty body to my good use.

And in the end, fill you, cover you, with my cum.

And then, perhaps, leave you with instructions to clean up, to prepare for my return. To put a particular dress on for me, to meet me in the lobby bar. Maybe, at this point, for a friend to join us.

Or maybe, just, to continue to make me the porn at which you are so. fucking. talented.

In any event.

I’ll be back. And I’ll continue to put you to use. To lick your clit until you beg me to stop.

To tease your mouth with my cock until you beg me to feed it to you.

To linger my cock around your cunt’s lips until you beg me to fuck you.

To bring you the edge of orgasm until you beg me to come.

Those are some plans I have for you.

You know. If you’re interested….


I don’t


Jjust Fuck me, N

I don’t have words

I hope, though, those aren’t the END of your plans

No. That’s not the END of my plans.

My plans are infinite.

How ever much time you give me, I will fill.

With my cock.

With my fingers.

With my tongue.

With my mind.

With my words.

Toys, belts, clothes. Improvised help – pillowcases, pillows, towels. Ice cubes. Candles.

You fucking name it.

But I will not tire of ways to put your body to my use for my (and, along the way, your) pleasure.

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