More mystery

I want to know what makes you tick.

What makes you ache.

What makes you wet.

I want you to want, to feel the power and intensity of your desire – and to feel the power and intensity of my desire.

These, combined, give you the power of nuclear fusion: bring together your desire and mine, and the ease with which you can bring them together, and you can see just how much power you hold in the palm of your hand, in the exercise of your agency, in the gift of your body.

You can move me, conjure me, stiffen me. Please me, gratify me, take me in. Envelop me, devour me, learn from me, teach me.

And, if you do, if you do….

Can you even imagine what awaits you? In your mind? In your body?

I think the answer is “no.” No, you can’t fully imagine the liberation and transformation that might await. But.

You can imagine imagining it.

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