Shakira’s a stunning brunette.

She’s got model looks. Thick, full lips. Bright white teeth. Long, flowing brunette hair. Dark eyes. High cheekbones.

We’ve stretched together several times, and she generously shares her spectacular body with me – in particular, her muscular thighs and her very pretty b- (or maybe, just, c-) cup breasts.

I’ll never taste her pussy. Sadly. Our chemistry, such as it is, isn’t sexual. And, in several ways, I’m of no interest to her. I’m married. I’m not interested in sending her money for anything other than stretching. And our general world views – of relationships, in particular, but also of sex, and of so much more, have just about zero overlap. To say nothing of whether she finds me remotely appealing. (She doesn’t, I’m pretty sure.)

But I hope we continue to stretch together, because man, is she easy on my eyes!

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