A revised contract

I’d like to revisit the concept of a contract. We started negotiating one. It became apparent that my wishes exceeded your desires or capability or both. And I retrenched, but I retrenched too far.

I would like for you to agree to the following.

  1. If I ask you for something, please respond politely. Ideally, respond with whatever it is that I ask you for, promptly upon seeing my request. If that’s not possible, please respond by telling me precisely when I might reasonably expect to receive what it is that I’ve asked for. If for any reason you’re unable or uncomfortable to provide what it is that I’ve asked, then please respectfully tell me that, explain why, and offer something else with a proposed time frame.
  2. Please commit to an hour of time a week of yours that I may spend however I may choose. I would like for the proposals to be actual times, windows of time that are on your calendar and that you adhere to.
  3. Ideally, I would like this to be six 5-minute chunks and one 30-minute chunk, with the 5-minute chunks distributed across six days. If you want to propose an alternative combination of minutes that adds up to 60, that’s fine. I’ll entertain that proposal.

I believe you maintain a comprehensive, detailed calendar. I want to be on it.

Give this to me please. Say “yes.”

Postscript: she said “no.”

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