Feed my senses

I want so much from you.

I want you to feed my every sense.

My sight: entertain me with your pretty body. Show it to me, exactly as I ask. Show me your ass, your thighs, your cunt. Your breasts, your shoulders, your neck. Your eyes, your hair, your mouth, your legs. Respect my sensitivities: don’t be crude, don’t be explicit. Be subtle, coy, teasing. Make me want more, not less.

My hearing: send me your voice. Read to me. Talk to me. Tell me things no one else knows about you, about your sexuality, about your desires. Tease yourself for me. Come for me. Don’t come for me.

My taste: spread your legs wide for me, so I can lap at your cunt, endlessly, so I can devour your sweet, salty, musky pussy. Open your mouth for me, so I can kiss you, gently, hard, so I can taste what you last drank, what you last ate, what you last smoked.

My touch: allow me to caress you, to drink in your body with my fingers, with my hands, with my arms, my legs, my cheeks, my cock.

My smell: I want to smell your excitement, your enthusiasm, your nervousness. I want to smell the musky sweat you produce because I make you tremble with anticipation, with the kind of anxiety that makes your sweat smell just a bit more than usual. And, I want to smell the juices you produce between your thighs, your body’s attempt to provide my cock with the smoothest possible entry into you. I want to smell this on your fingers, on your lips, on my lips, on my nose. I want to smell it before you’re undressed, and hours after we part.

And my consciousness, my sixth sense: I want to be the recipient of your willingness, your compliance, your indulgence, your generosity, sensitivity, kindness. I want to feast on the emotional sensations being with me produces in you: nervousness, yes. Anticipation – that too. Excitement. Impatience. And satiation. I want to know that, when we’re done, YOU are done, that there’s not an ounce of energy left in you, that you’re spent, sated, exhausted, worn out, and that you’ll carry around the physical and mental after-effects of our time together for as long as possible. I will feel all these things too, you may rest assured.


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