A tryst?

You [Cleo] will be wearing jeans and a white blouse or T-shirt. No bra, please. At least you will be when I find you. (You may want to arrive wearing something different, given #2 below.) You will arrive with your magic wand and at least five – and more, if you wish – complete changes of clothes.

  • Panties (5): At least one each of a thong, boyshorts, and bikini briefs.
  • Bras (at least 3): At least one should form a matching set with a pair of panties
  • Stockings/pantyhose: bring at least one pair of stockings and one pair of pantyhose
  • Skirts: Bring at least two short skirts, and at least one long skirt
  • Dresses: Bring at least one soft, flouncy summer dress
  • Trousers: In addition to the jeans you’ll wear, bring a pair of tight pants that show off your very pretty ass
  • Leggings: Bring at least one pair of leggings. Not black, please.

Your job:

1) Reserve a room that allows you to check in at or before 2, and to stay until 4 or later.

2) Check in and get 2 keys. Go to the bathroom (it’s through the restaurant and downstairs). Put your panties (the ones you are were wearing) and the second room key in an envelope. Dress wearing jeans and a white blouse or T-shirt – no bra. Write “Nick Likes” on the envelope, and give it to the front desk of the hotel. Tell them I’ll be there to pick it up from them shortly.

3) Go to the room. Lay out your clothes (the ones you brought – stay dressed) neatly on the desk and chair.

4) Send me a picture of your clothes laid out for me.

5) Send me a picture of your smiling face.

6) Send me a picture of your full body in the mirror.

7) Begin masturbating, in your preferred position, facing the door, using the wand.

8) Do not come. Bring yourself close, and stop.

9) Text me that you’re ready for me, that you’re close to orgasm, and include a picture of your pretty face.

10) Repeat steps 7-9 until…

11) I will arrive around 2:00 or 2:10.


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