Twitching back to life

Some months ago, because reasons, I put this blog behind a password. I didn’t like doing it, and it hurt me, and the blog, a lot.

Today, or maybe tomorrow, because other reasons, I expect I will remove the password.

One way – a surprising way – that I’ve suffered from the password has been the complete disappearance of the blog from Google. Once upon a time, I had hundreds of readers every day. If you googled “male sex blog,” or even just “sex blog,” you landed… here. No longer. Today, try though you might, you simply can’t find this enormous compendium using Google or any other search engine.

Maybe that will change, now that the password is gone

I hope so.

I miss my readers. I miss writing. I miss the occasional connection I would make – sexual, intellectual, otherwise – with people who stumbled on these pages and found something they liked, or that turned them on, or made them think, or pissed them off. I’m hopeful those connections – and the enormous gratification – and healing – I’ve derived from this quixotic project will resume.

If you’ve stuck around, if you’ve entered the password all this time, thank you! And, I’m sorry. Sorry I made it harder to get here. Sorry I basically stopped writing.

I always have ebbed and flowed in my prolificness. (Prolificity?) I make no promises about the volume of words to come in the coming days, weeks, months, but… I’m hopeful.

In gratitude,

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