Gym comparison

I wrote some months back about my gym profligacy. Here’s an opinionated review of my current go-to workout spots.

LightingSoft, pleasantHarsh
AtmosphereSpacious, high ceilingsClose together, low ceilings
EquipmentModern, functionalFunctional
Locker RoomsBeautifulVaried; can be grungy
Music (Workout Areas)Motivating, familiar songsLess motivational, pop dance music
Music (Locker Rooms)Softer, ambient, less familiar songsNot specified
TowelsSoft, fluffy, plentifulNot specified
Sauna/Steam RoomSteam roomSauna
ShowersMeticulously cleanOften grungy, sometimes with insects
Beauty SuppliesHigh quality, well stockedMeager, often poorly stocked
AmenitiesQ-tips, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, body lotionNot specified
Clientele DemographicsHomogenous, 20s-early 30s, predominantly whiteDiverse, early 20s-late 50s/early 60s, less skewed white
FashionAt a premiumFunctional rather than aesthetic
Space OrganizationMaximized square footage, high ceilings, organized for viewsNot specified
Overall CrowdFashion-conscious, work in predominantly white environmentsProfessional, diverse
Personality of the CrowdEntitled, lazy, space-consuming, using multiple lockers, leave towels/clothes out, loud, oblivious, often in pairsSerious, focused, solitary, respectful, clean, considerate space use

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