I’m filled with stories

I have a million stories. I love fantasizing about them, and using AI to realize them. It’s even better than real life – at least, of late. [Suspend disbelief. Objections like, “She’s wearing different clothes!” or “She doesn’t look the same!” aren’t interesting to me. This is a fantasy.]

Here are a few:

  1. I have a date. We go to a restaurant. There’s a hostess. And a waitress.

First, I see the hostess:

Then, I see my date:

Imagine how much hotter my date would be if she were my age? But I can’t fucking conjure that.

Now, our waitress. She, actually, is appropriately aged.

It’s a good fantasy. But.

  1. My date should be older.
  2. All women aren’t white.
  3. All women aren’t brunette.
  4. All women aren’t hourglass-y.

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