Elements of my fantasies

Quantity: I always prefer two women to one; three, to two; five to three. More is better (and less feels deadly).

Contrast: There’s something exciting to me about the contrast between, on the one hand, seriousness, professionalism, a role (whether that role is teacher, dancer, flight attendant, etc.) and sexual availability. I’m not talking about role playing: the flight attendant can be off duty, the ballerina offstage. But I want to see her in her costume, in her uniform.

Obstacles: I always want something between me and pussy. Panties. Jeans. A skirt. It’s not about disgust: I love pussy. It’s about getting vs. having; wanting vs. getting. You always want what you haven’t got. And maybe, loathe what you have. Or at least, no longer crave it so intensely.

Youth and age: Porn and availability have pushed me young, but I crave my age.

Willingness: Somehow, an attitude of joyous, proud, open willingness is super hot to me. But the presence of affirmative desire very easily takes me to a dangerous place of threat. I walk a thin line, here. I love a woman who begs, who needs something from me that I want to give her. But if she wants – or worse, needs -something I don’t want to give her (or worse, don’t have), then I feel an existential threat.

Examples of all this, and further fleshing out, to come.

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