She’s 5’4″, she’s black, has straightened, slightly wiry hair pulled back in a ponytail, and wears a scoop-neck beige cotton mini-dress that comes down about 3 inches above her thighs. She wears a blue denim crop jacket over her mini-dress, and a gold chain with her name hanging down against her chest. The scoop-neck of the dress obscures any cleavage, though her breasts are quite large. She’s slender and curvy, with a narrow waist and big hips. She looks a little sad as her eyes face the floor. Her lips are thick and full, and she wears small diamond-studded earrings.

And, a new feature – AI-generated renderings of my paeans (which, to be clear, resemble the actual women described in no way):


Mage.Space (Stable Diffusion):

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