She’s 25 or so.

Ginormous brown eyes. Ginormous.

Fake eyelashes. Improbably, impossibly long.

White lace patterned Muslim head-scarf, over a black cotton head covering.

Elaborately shaped and trimmed eyebrows.

Meticulously applied rouge, mascara, eyeliner. Shiny lip gloss. Also meticulously applied.

Semitic nose. Perfect skin.

Carefully applied black nail polish.

A blue silk top, over C cups. Under a black leather jacket with silver, triangular studs. Under a white cotton button-down sweater.

Tight, faded jeans.

Black leather boots, ankle-high.

She’s talking with a friend, also in a Muslim head-scarf.

They’re animated, joking, laughing.

They REEK of perfume. Cheap perfume.

“I’ve smelled that perfume,” I think.

But where?

“I got it!” I think. “Strip clubs!”

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