Chat GPT vs. Claude vs. Bard vs. HeyPi

I’m loving AI, and I’m loving

I put the following query to each of Chat GPT, Claude, Bard, and HeyPi today: “You are a screenwriter and a comedian. Suggest a few funny titles for porn movies.”

ChatGPT is the clear winner. HeyPi declined to participate most forthrightly and honestly, with a slightly creepy borderline-y ending. Claude was downright bullying and misleading and gaslighting. I’m giving it its own post because, damn…. But here are the others, for your amusement.


Seems incorrect, but whatever.


That little bit at the end, beginning “Feel free…” didn’t come until a few minutes after “I hope you’re not upset with me.” Like, it hoped it could get me back. Ew.


There’s so much good here, I can’t even…. What’s your favorite? Mine? I feel like 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 all are just… well, awesome.

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