Funny things I’ve seen on Seeking

I don’t want to violate anyone’s privacy, but here are a few funny things I encountered, just this afternoon, in a few minutes’ idle (dissociative, manic) surfing on Seeking:

The structure of Seeking is this:

A name, a brief “tag line,” a profile photo, maybe some additional “public” photos, and possibly, a link to “private” photos, access to which might be provided upon request.

I’ll start just with those tag lines, some of which are hysterical. Here are a few – I offer a random selection – the first 20 or so that I am encountering at the moment – without comment:

  • 💋Wanna be my loan? I come with interest ❌⭕️
  • I swear I’m not mean
  • Spoil me😈
  • Newly Single, Passport Ready
  • A woman can be a man’s best investment
  • some sugar for some spice💫
  • The girl you want to be w [sic]
  • wish: graduate debt free
  • Intellect/hedonism/playfulness
  • Live up to who you are
  • Travel- live- laugh-love- repeat
  • Message to Serve Me.
  • Baby Barbarella
  • i promise im not underage
  • If you can’t order a sofa for me don’t text me🙂
  • Sugar daddies have always been my favorite candy
  • I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
  • What’s your dogs name?
  • Networking, Chemistry, & Connection
  • I’m here for good time & good wine
  • Former model, current Stay At Home Daughter 🤍
  • I am Japanese.

I’m not sure which my favorite is – I think it’s the “stay-at-home daughter” one. Or the “sofa” one. Or “underage.” Perhaps there will be more….

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