There was a moment when I craved me a pale redhead. Other moments, I’ve craved tiny little women.

Right now? I’m just fucking dying to eat an infinite amount of pussy.

I can speculate as to the reasons for this particular, overwhelming, fantasy. But it’s particular, and it’s overwhelming.

Charlotte and I have come apart. We seem to have broken up, and I’m not sure there’s a path back together. I’m working on a post explaining all that, but, in the mean time, Charlotte figures prominently in my current fantasy.

The fantasy?

A string of women – two? three? ten? They could all be in the same room. It’s my fantasy, so why not. But they need not be, and if they aren’t, the fantasy is (much) more achievable. And as I think about it, I kinda like this version:

The setup

There are n women involved. And n hotel rooms. (N likes n!) All in a row. All with adjoining doors. In each room, one woman settles herself down. Undresses. And sits, nude, on the bed, legs open, against a pillow. She sips her chosen beverage, watches or reads her chosen porn, and idly plays with herself while she waits. Her responsibility? Not to come without me, to be ready for me when the moment arrives.

The execution

I start in the first room. I dive between legs one and two, and feast until one, the other, or both of us is ready for me to stop. After which? I stand up, kiss my maiden good-bye, wash my face, and head (through the adjoining doors) to the next room. Where I rinse and repeat. All the way down the line.

The postscript

Since this is a fantasy, after I finish in the final room, I – and the final lady – return to room number one, where we find all those who came (heh heh) before, waiting. And where, now, it’s my turn: I lie back on the bed, and the women array themselves before me and fight over share my cock.

One more likely non-fantastical, plausible even, possibility (#1)

This involves only Charlotte: in this fantasy, Charlotte exists (for the duration of the fantasy only) as my meal. I arrive to find her nude, legs apart. I dive in. When one or both of us taps out, I leave. No words spoken. Just me devouring her. End. Less. Ly.

A (second-) more likely non-fantastical, plausible even, possibility (#2)

Very similar to #1, but Charlotte is the last (or the first?) meal of two, three, or seven such meals, staggered, in the same room.

In this scenario, lady #1 (Charlotte?) arrives at, say, 5:30 pm. I let her in the room and excuse myself, as she strips and readies herself. Once ready? She texts and I return. I devour her. Endlessly. Until we are done. At which point, I send her on her way. And summon lady #2, whom I’ve instructed to have a drink in the bar in the lobby starting at, say, 6:30. And so on. Rinse. Repeat.

I like both of these latter two possibilities, but I’m afraid Charlotte won’t. :-/

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